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Very pleased with the service

When I needed help 12 years ago, I called Jeff Mann. I was very pleased with the service he and his crew gave me then so I didn't hesitate to call him when I needed help again. Once again he did a great job and gave me an excellent price. I will recommend this company to anyone who has a septic problem. Thanks Jeff! PK - Satisfied customer

I was treated extremely well. The price was fair; the work was excellent and done in a very professional manner. They pumped my tank, advised me the problem was in the drain field and gave me an estimate. They also told me they would like to wait a little while to see if it would begin working but if not then they would pump it again free while arranging for a drain field to be installed. It soon filled again and Jeff came out again, pumped the tank, did the necessary soil tests, and made arrangements to get the permit and do the work. They were prompt in showing up when they said they would come, started the job one day and finished the next because they had to wait for the inspection. They ran into problems and handled them quite well and again, very professionally.

Berry - Satisfied customer

You won't regret it

I found out they can do anything connected with a septic system and recommend them very highly. I would not hesitate to call them again if necessary. Because of the fine job they did at my home, I don't think I will need them again soon but I feel comfortable with the feeling that should I need them, Jeff will come. He is a personable, likable, and nice guy, and I enjoyed having him do my work.

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I would rate them five stars...

Jeff Mann and his company, Mann Septic Tank Service, including all from the person who answers the phone to the least worker, has proven to be reliable, courteous, sincere, helpful, and certainly very informative in what they do. I used them several years ago for a small job and when time came again for me that required such service, I called them without hesitation.

- Satisfied customer using Yahoo